I started a new position with a new company in December 2015. For the first time in my professional career, I office in a cube....

I have to admit I was a tiny bit reluctant about the idea. Going from an open office concept to a cube is quite the change. BUT I decided to embrace it because, you know, the alternative is to not have a job and that's not cool.

I did some research on "cubicle" decorating ideas and was sorely disappointed. So I thought I'd share my must-haves in the event someone somewhere needs an idea or two.

Step One: Lighting
I hate hate hate hate fluorescent overhead lights. The first thing I did was kindly ask our wonderful maintenance guy to undo one of the two bulbs directly above my cubicle. Not sure if this will fly where you are, but it's 100% worth the ask.

Instead, I opted for some nice lamp light.

This [Above] is an Ikea lamp I purchased on Amazon. It's only 14" tall, but it works well in my space.

Step Two: Get Comfortable
Even though every job I've had has required me to sit for some length of time, I never invested in a footrest for whatever reason.

Where has this thing been all my life? I found this one [Above] on Amazon. It's cool because you can have the curved side up for a stable footrest, or flip it over so you can rock back and forth.

P.S. That orange ball in the background is a massage ball. I will often take off my shoes and roll the ball back and forth under my tootsies. It feels nice and gives me something to fidget with.

Step Three (a the most important): Personalize
First, I spend a ridiculous amount of time picking just the right desktop background.

I know it may seem dumb, but if I've got to stare at it for a large part of the day, it should make me happy. There are a ton of free backgrounds available via Pinterest, which is where I found this one:

Photos of the important people in my life are a must:

I used twine and found tiny clothespins on Amazon. I printed some of my favorite photos (mainly Instagrams) using my Walgreens app, and displayed them on my makeshift clothesline.

A good coffee mug is most essential as well.

Because the walls of old school cubes are awfully boring, I brought in some of the kids' artwork to liven them up:

A renovation of our office space is right around the corner and we're expecting newer, cooler work stations. Until then I will continue to enjoy the little space I've created. :)

Side note - I'd love to hear what you are doing in your work space. I'm new to this world, so I am sure I have much left to learn about cubicle life.