I love love love Evernote. It keeps me organized both professionally and personally. I find new uses for it all the time, but the coolest thing I've started doing is for my kids.

I am pretty nostalgic (see this post for further proof). For example, I put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself with both my kids' respective baby books (actually they BOTH had a Belly Book AND a Baby Book - I loved both books, but what was I thinking?!). I even bought a couple variations of "Mom Journals" with great intentions to complete them for the kids. Those were sold in my last yard sale...incomplete of course. Anyone with a baby understands that you're lucky to get a shower in a day, much less writing in a journal.

The simple fact is that I want to capture memories for my kids and share thoughts with them that will be around long after I'm gone, but I needed the method to be on my terms....so I would actually do it.

Enter Evernote, my homegirl.

Just a couple weeks ago, I created two notebooks in Evernote - one for each kiddo. When there is something I want to capture - their current favorite song, something funny they say/did, a special moment or maybe just some little bit of advice I want to share with them for later in life, I will capture it in their respective notebook.

Evernote syncs across multiple devices (phones, iPads, computers), making it so very easy to capture a thought no matter where you are. You can also add photos to the notes. But perhaps the coolest thing is you can handwrite a note directly in a notebook using the iPencil (or something similar). See....

I love the handwritten touch. It is so personal, but you don't have all the paper to keep up with. You can also add handwritten notes by scanning the document and attaching to the note.

Here are some other ways I use Evernote:

  • You know all of those little plastic things that come with plants? Each season I take photos of them and add them to my "Flowers" note. This way I can always find care information for everything we have in our flower beds.

  • Vacation planning! Everything from recommendations from friends to packing lists. For example, I keep a "Disney" notebook that I continue to add to when people give us advice (working on our first trip in 2017).

  • The web clipper tool is awesome to capture articles I run across that I really enjoy and want to refer to later.

  • I went to a shopper marketing conference earlier this year and made a notebook to capture all of my learnings from each session. If a speaker provided a presentation, I attached it to the respective note. Evernote is super search-able and also has a tagging function, so it's easy to find anything.

  • I keep a list of "Karaoke Songs" for future reference. Seriously. Don't laugh. If you like karaoke, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about - you hear a song, think it would be a great karaoke song, but will never remember it when the opportunity strikes. Boom. All your ideas in one place. P R E P A R E D.

  • It's a great tool for any sort of list you can imagine. You can share notes, so it's great for any sort of shopping or task that requires collaboration: grocery shopping, holiday shopping, to-dos, etc.

  • To power this blog (via Postach.io)! One of my most favorite new tools...I use Evernote so much, it just made sense to use it to blog.

Evernote really helps keep me "together" and I wanted to share some of the ways I use it to simplify my life. I sincerely hope you find this useful!

There is a free version that's great for beginners. If you set up an account, use this link. I'll get referral points and referral points equal an Evernote version with tons of bells & whistles. And I love bells & whistles like Elf loves Santa.

And if you're already a user, I would LOVE to hear how you are using it!