I've always enjoyed looking for the "perfect" gift for friends & family. But it often takes me FOR-EV-ER, so I don't always get to put as much thought into a gift as I'd like (*sigh*).

Nonetheless, I capture gift ideas year-round in Evernote and on Pinterest and I thought I'd share some of the coolest things I've come across....

This is such a neat concept for shoes. Each pair is designed by a different artist from around the world. They are so fun and completely unique. Each artist is paid upfront for their design and they receive royalties for each pair sold. [And anyone can submit a design.] Prices range from around $35-$75/pair. bucketfeet.com

I like the Chinoiserie Chic pair by an artist from Belgium.

My 4 year-old would get a kick out of the Stomp & Chomp pair by a Chicago, IL artist.

And my 6 year-old would love the Bamboo pair by a Berkeley, CA artist.

And they even have options for guys. Like this gray leather option by a NYC artist.

I wandered into this store in Grand Central Station when I was in NYC earlier this year. They have the most awesome selection of items! Everything is fun, funky, quirky and whimsical. piqgifts.com

Who wouldn't want a ladybug bike bell? ($8)

(Even though Apple has dropped the headphone jack - booooo)

Any kid (or adult, I guess) would love this spaghetti fork $9 and/or sipping spoon $5. Sipping spoon is like a straw/spoon combo (good for cereal-eaters).

Wacky socks are always a good idea. ($11/ea)

I think I've seen these cute little FunkoPop things at Walmart, but there is a huge assortment on the Piq Gifts website. ($12/ea)

And if you're a dog-lover, they have a great selection of Marc Tetro products. I love his bright illustrations. Items range from $5-$50

I really like this site for unique ideas for adults & kiddos. Everything below is less than $25.
For the tea drinker in your life: Aqua Butterfly Teapot

Who remembers toys like these as a kid? I do. Hours of fun.

There are a ton of old school toys and games like these. Check them out here.

I think these personalized doormats are a great idea. And they are only $25/ea.

Toms is selling Apple Watch bands ($50) and they are awesome. Plus, every band purchased funds 1 year of solar light, in effort to end Light Poverty. toms.com/toms-for-apple-watch

LavaEssentials (on Etsy)
If you've got a friend who has joined the essential oil movement, this shop is awesome!! This stay-at-home mom uses lava beads to create beautiful diffuser-jewelry. You just rub your favorite oil on the lava stone and enjoy the EO benefits all day. And even if you don't use oils, this stuff is perfect as jewelry alone.

Or this Oval Bracelet. $18

Ok, so I have more ideas to share, but this is a start.

I would LOVE to hear some of your favorite places to find gifts!