Kindergarten officially starts in a few days for our daughter, Lilly. I'm part excited, part freaking out and part sad. I think all of those things are normal.

I was thinking about the kind of advice I should give her as she starts this new adventure. I decided the best possible advice would come from someone who has recent, first-hand knowledge.....

Here is my nephew. He's a leap day baby and just turned eight this year (or 2 if you think you're funny).

  • You should act like your normal self.
  • Ask others their names and if they want to be friends.
  • Don't be shy.
  • Don't be Miss. [or Mr.] Scaredy Cat, be brave Bob.
  • At lunch, you have to eat before you can play.

He also said that not everyone was going to be nice. This one broke my heart a tiny bit, but it was the truth.

This is Lilly's friend Isabel on her first day of Kindergarten.

A year later, she gave this advice on starting this new adventure:

What were you most excited about starting Kindergarten?
Meeting my new teacher and having new friends.

What were you most scared about the first day of Kindergarten?
Taking tests and getting them wrong.
What's your advice for someone going to kindergarten?
Be yourself.

What are you most proud of in Kindergarten?
I had great grades and listened to my teacher.

What's your most favorite part about kindergarten?
Watching and working on school shows and performances.

What did you wear on your first day?
Pink star shirt and jeans, but I love wearing dresses.