This is the 4th blog I’ve started. Yes, the key word there is "started." [Insert deep sigh here]

I love writing. I was "writing" homemade greeting cards before I knew how to spell. I kept a journal all the way through college. However, something happened when I joined the "real world" and my wonderful sense of daily reflection and thoughtfulness became lost...seemingly forever.

Then came job success (AKA more responsibility), then marriage, then started a business, then back to work full-time, then more job success, then our first child, then a big get the picture. Life just happened. It does that, you know.

Recently someone asked me what my hobbies were. I danced around the question (as I typically do) and avoided the sad truth that I didn't have any.

For whatever reason, it was glaringly obvious to me in that exact moment that I had been neglecting myself. Life does happen and we do get swept into survival mode. Before we know it moments have become years.

However, it's never too late to do something you love. I really believe that. And it's far better to start here I go. Again. 5th time is the charm, right?

So, why did I name this blog 17hours? Well, there are 24 hours in a day and according to my Fitbit, I sleep 7 hours on average each night. So I pretty much spend 17 hours a day doing something other than sleeping. (This of course doesn't count the naps I sneak in on the weekend. I love naps.)

Anywho. I thought "17hours" was a fitting blog name since there's so much to talk about that happens in those precious 17 hours. Also, pretty sure no one wants to read a blog about me sleeping.